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Successful people in many different fields often didn’t reach the top of their game by going it alone. They improved and got there through hard work and the help of mentors. REPRESENT Mentor Sessions are unique opportunities for aspiring and up-and-coming creatives and writers to receive feedback and guidance from experienced entertainment industry professionals.

There are no mentor sessions currently available. Sign up to be notified when the next round launches. In the meantime, check out our Creative Workshop with Lee Daniels Entertainment!

What are Mentor Sessions?

This is an opportunity to get feedback on a project from a professional who’s experienced in project-based mentoring. Industry professionals will work with a few members as mentees, advising on a script, short film, or other creative project.


How do I participate in a Mentor Session?

Each session will have specific requirements. We will open a call for submissions and select 3-5 of the best suited projects. You must be a member of the REPRESENT portal to submit for a mentor session.

Will there be other types of mentorships?

Yes! This is our first program to launch, but we will have mentorships of all shapes and sizes. If the project-based mentoring doesn’t really work for you, hold tight because there is more to come. Also note that participating in Mentor Sessions will not negatively affect your eligibility with other mentorship opportunities.


Who are the mentors?

Selected mentors are active professionals in entertainment and media. They are volunteering their time because they believe in REPRESENT’s mission to bring new voices and perspectives to their industries. Right now we are focused on writers, filmmakers, and producers. If there is a different specialty you are interested in, please send us a request!

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