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When you join REPRESENT, you are signing up for access to creative tools, professional development resources, mentorship, events, paid opportunities, inspiration, and more. Membership and resources are (and always will be) free.

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You will be sent to our online portal system to complete your registration. 

In the portal we will ask you follow-up questions to determine what types of resources, contacts, opportunities, and events would be relevant to you. None of this information is required but the more you provide, the more we can help you find what you need.

Welcome to the community!

By registering with REPRESENT, you are agreeing to receive future communications from the REPRESENT community and Original Media Ventures, LLC and to abide by the REPRESENT Community’s Terms of Service. This is not an offer of employment, nor an offer to represent an individual or a body of work for the purposes of obtaining employment or sale of material. Please do not send concepts, ideas, treatments, scripts, or any other unrequested information at this time.

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